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We are StratStep Aviation

Founded by former pilots and industry leaders, StratStep Aviation understands the current and future demands and challenges of the aviation sector. Our services focus on providing the quality and expertise now expected from a company within the StratStep Group.

We offer solution-based initiatives that meet and exceed client expectations while being laser-focused on delivering realistic results, elevating all of our aviation services.

Air Charter Services

From 'A' to anywhere

We offer helicopters, private jets and executive airliner charters, as well as a large range of small specialist aircraft for all business and leisure purposes.


Business aviation continues to grow with its own unique set of challenges. Many smaller operators struggle at different levels to compete with big players like Lux Aviation, NetJets, Global Jet Luxembourg, etc. so it is more important than ever to have a streamlined sales, marketing and operations team supported by top tier operations personnel.  


Seamless sales

If you are looking to buy, sell or lease any aircraft, anywhere in the world we can help. StratStep Aircraft work with ATO’s, AOC’s and everyone in between that has ongoing aircraft needs.


We work with a number of Finance companies to make sure we can help make your sale or purchase as smooth as possible while respecting your bottom line. Our global network ensures you get the best deal and we can help plan or manage your fleet requirements.


Need a helicopter? Need a pilot? we can help! For charter services, we offer safe and fast transport to all of your destinations. Our services also include VIP and VVIP, crew provisioning, maintenance, sales and acquisitions.


We offer full management services along with bespoke programs tailored to your needs. As part of StratStep Training, we can also offer a full range of training courses across all levels of pilot training. For operators who have a temporary or seasonal need for pilots, let us know so we can compare our comprehensive database of available contract pilots.

StratStep Aviation

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