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Safety guides every decision we make at StratStep Aviation as part of our commitment to all our customers.

Our priority will always be your safety

We work only with operators who have Safety Management Systems (SMS) as part of their operational structure. The flight crew adhere to the most stringent safety standards in the world and surpass the most demanding benchmarks.

Covid-19 Information

As the world works to respond to the evolving situation on COVID-19, the team at StratStep Aviation is committed to working with you to help minimize any negative impact on your travel.

We are working closely with all partners across our supply chain to ensure safe management, delivery and action every day.

Operations teams liaise daily with private jet terminals around the world on bookings and inquiries to safeguard passengers and crew from arrival, through passport control where relevant, and onto our aircraft.

Our Private Dining specialists have stringent safety protocols in place with our preferred catering and restaurant partners. This includes personal hygiene, control processes from storage and preparation to plating and delivery.

To safeguard passengers and crew, and to ensure continuity in our services, StratStep Aviation has taken additional steps along with its partners to further strengthen safety and security procedures every day.

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